Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Otis Collier and I hold a lot of different titles. However, for the purpose of this website, I am going to lean on the title of Personal Success Coach. My blog will focus on the six buckets that I believe personal success falls into.

Six Areas of Personal Success

1. Faith     2. Family     3. Finances     4. Fitness     5. Friends     6. Fun

Otis speaks to the singles

Here I am, in 2008, speaking at the Single’s Ministry at Kingdom Builders Christian Center.

As you follow my blog postings, I want you to know that there are areas that I have not mastered. In fact, I am confident in saying that I have not mastered any of these six areas. However,  I am a work in progress in them all.

As a public speaker, God has given me the motivational gift of teaching. With this gift, I am driven to research, study and then share what I have discovered and believe to be truth.

I won’t bore you with my achievements and accolades. That’s not what I designed this site for. If you care to know more about me professionally, you can view my resume or LinkedIn profile.

I want to be able to share with you, things that I have learned and ideals that I have come to believe in.

My goal with this blog is to start dialogues and conversations of opinions around topics that I have chosen to speak about. The beauty of blogs is that it is a engagement tool which allows readers to respond back with the author and each other.